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Sunday, October 30, 2011

McDonald Family Dinner Box

No idea what's for dinner? Want something fast & convenient? Want a budget savvy dinner? Then head to McDonald now! They are having a new menu set - Family Dinner Box! 

Man! It's totally wallet-friendly. At only RM37.90 you will get a complete McD dinner for 4 persons which normally will cost you RM50-RM60. Don't you love that? Plus I find the box is easy to tote around compared to the normal plastic bags. Environment friendly I would say.

Set A or B? Chicken or beef? Your choice.

Let's see what's inside

The whole set.
Fries still in the box. I ate some of the nuggets..can't resist.

Bon appetit!


golfinpat08 said...


I am a Geometry teacher in San Antonio, Texas USA. My classes are doing a project that involves this Family Dinner Box. They are designing a new box that can hold the same amount of food but uses less surface area (cardboard). However, we need the dimensions of the box. Unfortunately, we don't have access to one here. Would it be possible to send the length, width and height of the box to Or, if you have a picture with a ruler next to it, that would be even better. Your blog was the only one I could find that included detailed pictures.

My students would really appreciate it!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Patrick F.