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Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 kick start with aurora hunting!

Never thought that I could've start my new year with these views. View of the magnificent lady aurora! I felt really lucky & blessed to have this opportunity. 

This aurora hunting trip was a new kind of adventure to me. Sighting great view, experience new cultures, made friends with bunch of cool people & lots of first time experiences too.

What a kick start for 2016! 

One bucketlist ticked off ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Where I've been to in 2014?

1) El Nido, Palawan Island

2) London & Paris

3) Turkey

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Seoul 3rd day Part 2 : Here & there

Gosh it's taking me months to update ze blog. I'm officially a lazy blogger. Just noticed that I haven't posted some of my Seoul trip. This is part 2 of our 3rd day in Seoul, winter Feb 2012. After Myeondong the fashion hotspot, we headed to Lotte World to get more of kpop stuff for the girls. Stop at Jamsil station but totally forgot which exit we took. Well you just need to follow the signboard to Lotte World :)

What is Lotte World? it has indoor themed park, outdoor amusement park (Magic Land), folk museum, malls & hotel. Basically a large complex with everything fits in. Well we didn't enter any of the themed park since we don't have much time to spend. We just wondering around while the girls searching for their kpop stuff. Lotte World is like sister version of Disneyland. Suitable for those who have kids or those young at heart.

Information counter girls.

Cute lockers. Felt like in a kindergarten.
Starbucks in 7 Eleven? Yeah! Bought these Starbucks for 2000won ~ RM6 each. I keep the cup as souvenir :)
Hard to find any carbonated drinks. It's either juice, yoghurt drinks or coffee.
Then we found this Star Avenue while wondering around. It's kinda a museum of kpop & kdrama. You have to pay to get into it. Since I've read about it before, nothing much other than cardboard life size of Korean stars & replica of shooting set. Hence we just snap some pics at the outside hallway.

Yours truly aka penguin
On the left side is a row of windows of Korean Idols memorable stuff.

Jang Keun Suk!! Yeah like him so much ever since I watched Marry Me Mary.

Wishing star. Write something & hang it on the wall. What the heck since it's free.

Got thirsty & end having a most "blah" chocolate drinks ever.

The "tastiest" & "cheapest" chocolate drink. It tasted more like a chocolate syrup than a drink. 
This is not Korea..??

They pronounce vanilla as banila ;p
Jang Keun Suk!
getting busy
After a while in Lotte World & the girls got their stuff, we headed back to apartment for dinner. Well not everyone. Since the kakaks didn't get to shop for korean silk in Dongdaemun, managed to google other best spot to shop, it's Gwanjang Market. Exit at Jongno-5-ga station. Thanks to the subway's wifi! So me & Kak Erma off to fabric hunting. 

Not really so sure of the direction & it was getting dark. Lucky there's one uncle I met in subway that willing to show us the direction. Gwanjang Market is full of street food vendors on ground floor & fabric shops are on the 2nd level. The shops are really small,  the hallway is small too & easy to get lost too. Always ask for korean silk no.1 for better quality. Too bad I can't remember the price anymore.

Happy with what we bought, headed to apartment for dinner. After some refreshments, only then Sis Erma realised she left her camera in one of subway toilet. Went back into the same toilet, found a coat instead of camera. What surprised me is that inside each toilet has a emergency speaker button where you can speak to I don't know, station's staff I guess. Unfortunately the staff we talked to didn't understand english. Lucky there's one korean lady who can speak english help translate it for us. She even accompanied us while waiting for station staff to come. Done with security report, although in sad emotion a plan must go on. 

Next is the Seoul tower located at Namsan Mountain. Got onto train to Myeongdong, exit 3. Waited for the yellow shuttle bus to cable station but no sight of it. It was freezing cold. Finally decided to walk the steep dark lane to the cable station.

You'll see 7 Eleven on the your left after out of exit no 3. Walk towards Pacific Hotel & choose lane on its right. Walk straight until you found wooden stairs to cable station. 
Myeongdong station, exit no 3. The closest exit to cable station.
Pic in cable car, camera battery drained from freezing winter.
Last group of visitors, including us. Be mindful cable car does not operate 24 hours, please check N Seoul tower website for operating info.
Seoul Tower

It was way too late, shops & ticket counter to enter Seoul tower already closed. Nevertheless the deck is still open to but it's quite dark.

Seoul Tower is famous among young couple for dating.

Couples love hanging padlock as a sign of their everlasting love.

Spotted the white circles? it's snowing! first time experience.
Dizzy? effect of drained battery.

Sis Erma

Eternity love?

That was our last night in Seoul. Full of surprises, either in good or bad I truly enjoyed it. Hope to come again, a lot more to explore.