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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nightmare at the immigration

Last month ( I know late update), went to Subang immigration to apply the small red book. Passport lah.
It was Friday morning at 8am. I thought it would be a breezy process since CNY holiday week just ended that probably most people already applied or renewed their passport before the holiday started. I was complete wrong! I found the q was snaking out till the main road. I was like what the hell, I have 1 whole day. So I went inside took the application form & q for picture taken. Again another long q. Plus it was like sauna inside there, could not feel a/c & there were like only a few fans working. The only fan nearby was used to cool down the pic booth machine. It took about 1 hour till my turn. Luckily there is apek behind me to chitchat along. He told me he went yesterday but q number was finished up early. How can that be?? it just number not concert tickets. My application form was wet by my sweaty palm while waiting. Pic taken, pay rm10 for 4pcs, photocopy IC &  fill up the form. 

Then I straight away went out of the building to q for application inspection & q number. The q has gotten shorter. Phew what my lucky day. But something catch my eyes, someone actually. Why that guard queuing along at the end of the q? I asked one general question. " Bang, ni q ambik nombor ke? "  the guard replied "A'ah, ni last line sebab nombor dah abis. Datang Isnin. Ataupun pegi PKNS Shah Alam atau Wangsa Maju bukak Sabtu ". Such a waste of time. Since I've been soak up with sweat(thanks to the sauna), decided not to show up at workplace. Instead I went back home. Well not home yet. Stop by ( stop by? do you believe me? ) at Aeon Bukit Tinggi. Shop a few stuff & had lunch there. 

The next day, Saturday. I know PKNS Shah Alam open at 8am on Saturday & Sunday. Accompanied by Amar (my younger brother) we arrived there at 7.30am. Man, the q was so long that I couldn't see where is the immigration office. Wait and wait and I make friend with a girl in front of me. Around 10am,finally we saw the office main door. At 10.30 we were nearer to the door. At that time I have high hope that I could get the number today. Bare in mind that they only open half day on Sat & Sun. So numbers might be limited. Suddenly an officer came out from the office and began counting. Here it is, the time has come. As he's counting he shouted " these are the last 15 people for today". Thank God, I was among the them. Fuhh! I felt sorry for the unfortunates, they had queued for about 2 1/2 hour just to be informed that they can't do any business on that day. Something need to been done on the management. If only they just pass on the numbers to queuers, it could shorten their waiting time. The process goes on. Just a few minutes to 1pm, managed to pay the fee but still need to come on the next day just to collect passport. Damn. Overall it took me 3days just to get the little red book. Hopefully I won't have to face the same fuss for renewing. Finger crossed.

Why do I need a passport? Where am I planning to go? Till next post :)