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Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh so gorgeous! // Aviation inspired //

Inspired by the world famous female aviator Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart
Amy Adams in Night at the Museum

Elle Spain Sep 2009 editorial

Burberry Fall 2010

Hermes Fall 2009

Aren't they gorgeous? 

Small Reunion

One of good things about wedding is that it always reunite people. Family, relatives, friends, colleagues & neighbours. That's what I had on last week, a small reunion with my uni friends. Met Mariam (Mary), Marina, Zarazila (Ila) & the bride Nurul.

I haven't met them for years, well months for Mary. Thanks to Mary coz she was willing to drive to Ipoh & also Marina sanggup datang ke KL dari Sg.Petani semata-mata nak konvoi dengan Mary. It was a fun ride, we can't stop laughing & gossiping. Luckily Ila read my fb status, thus she waited for us to arrive. To my surprise Ila already has 2 kids, yang sulung dah besar boleh lari-lari lagi. Hmm time pass by so fast..[damn I'm still solo :( ]. We couldn't gossip much with Nurul, the groom kept following her. Ops I forgot it was their wedding of course they had to be together ;p

 { sepantas kilat pengantin datang dekat kitorang =P }

{ bukti kehadiran }
On the way back home we decided to have seafood dinner and so we chose Muara Tg Harapan in Port Klang. Luckily we get there before dark. The parking was endless, people keep coming in & the queue was getting longer. Total burn was rm88.50 only for great foods.

{ the view }
{ breezy - senyaman apple juice }

{ camwhoring while waiting for the foods }

Insiden Pagi Isnin

Mak : Jangan lupa beli roti canai sardin ye!
Ayah : Ye ye
{Vroomm.. off he went to kedai mamak}
Ayah : Nah roti canai telur.
Mak : Huh! roti canai telur??! Astagaa...

Happy Monday peeps!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Even though I don't get to take 2 weeks long year end leave,

Even though the office is so quiet & cold,

Even though it's raining every other day,

Even though I don't travel much like my colleagues did,

It's okay, I'm still happy because..

...less workload channel to me coz others are on leave

...much more relax compared to non-stop schedule

...much better than heavy snow in Europe

...I received lot of souvenirs from them :)

p/s : I get to clean up my messy desktop & changed the wallpaper to beach theme for holiday mood. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Marion Caunter & Chanel

Couple of days ago I received an email from colleague containing pictures of SM Nasarudin & Marion Caunter solemnization. For those who doesn't know who they are, the groom is son of the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin who was the founder, chairman & CEO of NAZA Group.  Meanwhile Marion is the talented host of E! News Asia. People have been waiting for this wedding since after Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar's wedding. It's even dubbed as the "Wedding of the Year".

What more can I say, everything was so beautiful. The couple, the dress & the decoration. talking about the decoration, it reminds me of Chanel 2009 Spring/Summer Haute Couture show. Angelic white paper flowers adorned the stairway made the place like a fairy land.

Nevertheless, enjoy the lovely pictures below :)

 SM Nasarudin & Marion Caunter Solemnization 

{ the gorgeous Malay baju kurung was designed by Rizalman }

 Chanel 2009 Spring/Summer show 

I know lot of girls out there are envy over Marion. She got married to a rich and good looking hubby, also had a lovely wedding. You know what else will makes girls more envy of her?? She is going to wear a Vera Wang dress & will be having another private wedding at Maldives!! She is sure one lucky girl. Make sure to tune on E! News Asia from Dec 26 till Jan 2 for more exclusive footage.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lady Gaga the teacher?

After she created a big wave in music industry ( and fashion ), she is looking for a more stable job...she wants to teach fashion. Why Gaga? are you tired with all the fame?

According to US Magazine,  "She is planning a radical career shift after she wraps up her 'Monster Ball' tour next spring. She wants to use her famous fashion sense and avant-garde art obsession to launch an academic career. 

"Nothing has been finalised yet, but she has pitched herself for an artist-in-residence position. 

"She would like to teach in the fashion-design programme and wants to incorporate elements of music study, popular culture and media studies."

Do you know which college Gaga planning to teach to? it's Parson! yeah that prestige New York’s Parsons School for Design ( the school in Project Runway show). Couple of thoughts just cross my mind when I read the news,

1. How would she wear to lecture hall?
2. Would Parson accept her fashion sense?

Lady Gaga already went Gaga over herself.

student, today we will learn how to make a stand out hairdo
(picture from google)

Facebook Hacker Cup

Hackathon has become a culture to Facebook team. Also it was one of the method used when Mark Z were looking for interns for The Facebook. Well you can get more idea how it looks like if you watch The Social Network movie. They still holding the hackathon within the engineers from time to time to pursue some new ideas. Endless stock of foods & Red Bulls were provided during the all night hackathon. Mark Z believes that great ideas come from an all night attempt.

Recently Facebook announced that they will holding it first Hacker Cup where all hackers around the world can join. Here is some of the info of the event, 

  • What: An annual algorithmic programming contest open to hackers from around the world.
  • Where: Three online rounds with the finals at Facebook's headquarters in California.
  • When: Registration opens December 20th with the three online rounds occurring throughout January 2011. World finals to follow.
  • Finals: We'll pay to fly and accommodate the top 25 hackers from the 3rd online round out to our campus.
  • Prizes: Of course! $5,000 USD and title as world champion to the top hacker, $2,000 for 2nd place, $1,000 for 3rd, and $100 for 4th through 25th. Awesome t-shirts for the top 300 hackers coming out of the second online round.

For more details or fine print, you may click to Facebook Hacker Cup .

If you're up for the challenge, go for it!!!

Have a peek how their all-night hackathon looks like : Facebook Hackathon video

Adakah rumah anda selamat sebelum keluar?

Tadi tengahari pergi kenduri, 2 kenduri lagi tu. Overloaded dah perut ni. Biasalah cuti sekolah ni ramai yg plan mengawan eh bukan, plan buat kenduri. Tiba-tiba on the way balik nak ke kereta, saya nampak ada pakcik 2 orang terkial-kial try to switch off something kat tiang elektrik.

Sebab curious sangat saya jalan dekat lagi,  rupa-rupanya kat 1 lorong tu penuh orang & nampak kereta bomba! kebakaran ke? Tengok rumah tu dari depan ok jer. Tengok atas, hah! berkepul-kepul asap keluar dari belakang rumah tu. Sah memang ada kebakaran. According to some of the passer-by( saya busy body tanye) , the home owner is not at home. Kesian kat tuan rumah tu nanti, balik jer tengok rumah tinggal rangka.

Itulah teringat pesan mak( mak saya memang tak berenti berpesan, ada jer).Sebelum keluar rumah tengok semua suis dah switch off ke belom. Lagi bagus kalo dicabut plug tu sekali. Lagi2 kalo seterika/iron, selalu kes nye lupe switch off.

So semua orang ingat ye, sebelom keluar rumah make sure semua suis dah switch off - iron, kipas, tv, rice cooker, toaster, charger hp/laptop/camera, lampu ( inside & outside rumah ) , aircond etc etc. Senang cerita semua electric item ye. Dan juga jangan lupa cabut semua plug. Rumah selamat dari kebakaran, anda boleh bergumbira senang hati ketika meronda diluar :)

tempat kejadian, bomba tengah "siram" belakang rumah tu.

The Most Beautiful Flower Contest using Digital Camera

This is my first attempt to join blog contest. No harm trying 'aite? Who knows I might be lucky hehe..

Ladies & gentlemen, let me present you "pics bertuah saya" jeng jeng....*drumroll*


Saya guna camera Ricoh CX4. If you're interested to join this contest, you may go to syatozapunyer.blogspot .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What is your favourite Subway?

Of course I'm referring to Subway sandwich.

Recently Subway just opened its franchise close to my office. I'm totally happy & excited when Subway decided to open at Skypark @ Subang Airport ( ahhh now you know where I work ) coz there is no Subway close to my home in Klang ( and now you know where I live too). Other reason to be happy is that now I have more choices what to eat for lunch  = )

My favourite sub is Chicken Teriyaki. Why?? coz I simply love to eat chicken plus the filling is chunky & tender.  My chicken teriyaki usually goes with parmesan oregano bread, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, extra olives, thousand island & pepper.

So tell me what is your favourite Subway and fillings combination?

Belon & Pre-Wedding Idea

Sekarang makin ramai buat pre-wedding picture. Dah macam trend ye. Dulu orang melayu jarang buat cenggini. Iyelah zaman berubah, good opportunity for photographers out there. I've seen a lot of friends' pre-wed pic before. Macam-macam gaya ada, ada yang dah siap2 pakai baju pengantin macam nak bersanding dah, ada yang pakai theme old school pegi tengah bendang, naik basikal, ada yang simple jer, ada yang cool, kirenye macam-macam ada lah. 

To me simple but significant is the best thing. Simple maksudnye tak pelik bebenor & can last forever, significant pula gambar tu terserlah kasih sayang abadi between you & your partner. Tengah meronda-ronda internet tanpa batasan, jumpa idea sangat cute comel lote lagi molek. Belon, yup ballons. It give casualty, happy carnival feeling to the pic. Lagi banyak belon & colours lagi meriah :) Saya dah compile the pics so that you won't have to keep scrolling down.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Confusing week

Yesterday felt like Friday, today feels like Sunday, tomorrow feels like Monday and tomorrow is only Wednesday.

Online shopping ?? looking for a Coach bag?

Online shopping or just browsing?? I don't shop much, just love to browse on their latest deal. The deals are really hard to resist but I managed to control myself. Hooray to me!! I may want to reward myself for that *wink* 

These are my daily doses ;


It's December (again) !

Well here come December. 11 months were left behind in a flash. This is the month where people look into their life reminiscing what went good, bad and achievements. It's also the month where we catching up what has not been done yet before new year. Some would go on travel, partying, spend time with family or spend your hard earn cash! As for me I chose the later : ) More like rewarding myself after been working hard for the past 11 months. 

What did I get for myself? A new Coach handbag & wallet *big smile*  I bought it from some online blogshops coz cheaper than buying from boutique. You know with all the taxes, the item here can be priced double than from in US. If you have friends in US or visiting US, don't be segan silu to order Coach bag from her hehe.. especially from factory outlet. You will be more lucky if there's sales going on at the factory outlet. Enuff rambling, here's couple pics of them.

The bag : Coach Kristin Hobo 
The wallet : Coach Poppy Demi Clutch