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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The scariest moment

Yesterday I had the scariest moment in my life. Well I just exaggerate that, not the most scariest. Definitely one of my scary moments. I attended an interview. It has been more than 4 years from the last interview. 4 feels like it just happened yesterday. I don't want to be too comfortable to my current position, hence I'm looking for career development. 

So how was it? I stuttered all over the place haha..Seriously I had panic attack from the day before the scary day. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't focus & kept waking up from sleep. Sound bad huh?? I keep praying to God to calm down my self. Anyway I'm glad it's over. Hopefully I nailed the post.

Talk about scary moments..couple of weeks ago I had to walk over a old small bridge or we call it titi in Malay. After attended a wedding in Teluk Intan, my parents decided to visit my dad's hometown Bagan Datoh. Along the way we visited couple houses of our relatives. I never been to both of the houses. One of the house has this old bridge. It scares me to cross a bridge with gaps & it looks like it going to fall anytime soon.

My legs shivered while crossing this bridge.

Enough about scary stuff. What can make you forget scary feeling?? Good foods!! :) Had this nice chicken lasagne for lunch, after the interview. It was served with thick creamy gravy & fresh veggies that really make me full till evening. If  you wanna have a bite, go get it at Vanilla's Place, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya. And its Oreo Mint milkshake was awesome!

lazatnya lasagne!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good vs Bad

Nothing extraordinary happened in this week (expect me rambling in the next sentences). However I did noticed something. Whenever there are bad things happened to me, there always good things to balance it. The bad things are not really huge BAD problems, they are just some unfortunate events.

 Situation 1
My heels sole ripped off. I only got to wear it for 2 months :(

Later that evening I only have to pay RM10 for taxi trip from Subang to Klang

Situation 2
My important file can't be opened & I need to present it to Boss!! Panic! 

Boss was busy with other urgent meeting & went for half day leave later in the afternoon. What a relief!

I'm sure there are more of these situations but being a human, we somehow tend to be ignorant. We often heard that things happened for a reason. But how many of us actually being grateful when the good thing happens later? to even small good things that  to some people it means nothing?? In the end it's all up to us to see it as a bad or good. I'm grateful that God has not forgotten me. Wallahua'alam. Allah Almighty.