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Friday, January 15, 2010

Killer heels

Saya suke pakai high heels..suke sangat2. Kenapa saya suke sarung high heels? Nape ye? Sebab...

1- Rasa tinggi. saye ketot (153cm jek).

2- Bile dah tinggi, confident tu lebih sikit (bukan berlagak tau!)

3- rase cam model cat walk ( sila cari plastik bag , sink or tong sampah to throw up )

4-walaupon it's not good for own posture...but it makes you have a better posture.

5-bile berjalan rase cam elegan ehehehe...

6-High heels ni cantik :)

Some would say it hurt to walk in heels. Feet burn, ankle swell, back pain bla bla bla. Well it won't be if you know how. Every woman should know this, even for those who seldom wearing heels. Ye la takkan kawen nanti nak pakai sandal rendah. Tak sesuai.

tips no..

1- choose the right size. If you're size 5 doesn't mean all your shoes should be in size 5. Sometime you may need to try out 1 size larger. Due to different brand different shoe style different material different cut.

2-Masa berjalan make sure heels yang cecah bumi dulu. Kalau jari yang sampai maybe akan tersadung ke depan. Ataupun posture tak cun, badan kedepan and your bootylicious ke belakang sangat ( amat2 hodoh ). Followed by center of the foot and then tip of the shoe.

3-Mantain tegak jangan slouch. Kepala tegak & bahu kebelakang. Awak akan jadi perempuan yang paling berlagak eh bukan confident. Sebenarnya ni boleh mengurangkan sikit sakit.

4-Kaki straight & rapat. Kalau terkangkang jangan haraplah dapat berjalan cam model. Mascot boleh lah. Bila melangkah jari kaki tu menghala ke depan and put step in front of you macam jalan atas benang ( huh benang? terer tu! imagine je )

5- Jalan dekat2 je jangan nak terus marathon! Bile dah selesa baru boleh laju sikit macam walkathon.

6-Kalau takut bebenor cube try ( tak sah takde try selepas cube) wedges. Tapak dia lebar so kebarangkalian terpeleot adalah ZERO. Kalau terpeleot jugak memang mase baby dulu kaki tak bedung.

7-Wear gel pad if you're going to wear heels for long hours. Kurang sikit rasa burning pain in your ball of feet.

8-platform heels may looks heavy but it ain't plus less burning pain. The thick base actually helps to support your weight pressure. Tip : pilih hujung kasut yang dongak sikit ke atas.

taman bunga berjalan :)

wedge for comfy

would you wear this?

or something like this??? Lady Gaga did.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meja Pink ku!

Petang tadi keluar dengan family beli barang-barang adik. Dia dah tak dapat duduk asrama so kena stay rumah sewa ( itula apesal tak study betul2, padan muke). So we bought him a small wardrobe & a study table. While I was trying to help him to get the table box out of the shelf I saw a stack of square woods with 4 folded legs. Immediately I knew it is a japanese table. The first piece I took out is pink in colour. "Cute! Ok I need to get this" And off it goes into the trolley :)

Dah jadi meja lappie. Am sure mr lappie & ms pink table will have a long strong relationship onwards hehe..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tissue Pom Pom

I made this when I was bored in the middle of long annual leave. It can be either hang up from ceiling or glue on stick as a flower. It will looks more serene if place near to any light sources (i.e window).Click
here for easy steps from Martha Stewart.

Here are some ideas where to use it;

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lovely French Theme

Aren't these adorable? I dream of this theme for my future wedding (if it ever happen).

Monday, January 4, 2010

2nd entry after a year..damn

New Year Resolution. I never make a list of it. Well the thought did across in my mind but slipped off in seconds. Even worst never been achieved(read the previous entry hehe..). Unlike this year, I determine to make a list. A short one which I can focus & achieve. A good thing of having a resolution is that you will know what you really want, where you want to be & whom you will become. These are guidelines for you to go through the year. So that at the end of the year, 2010 would not be a meaningless year. Mine is short & simple. Here goes,

1)to spend less

2)to save up money as much as I can

3)travel more (yup seems contradict with the above =p )

4)create/craft something & make money out of it.

5)last but not least...jeng jeng... learn to cook haha...(don't laugh at me ok)

that's all. Happy New Year peeps !