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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quirky Office Stationeries

Lately I find myself demotivated to go to the office. I need something to spice up my work life. Perhaps something cute on my desktop will bring up the mood. Hence I Google to get some ideas. Surprisingly found lot of cute-adorable-quirky stationeries!

Alessi's dozi paper clip holder $25

Kartell's front page $266

Red polka dot file folder $12

Self-inking stamp - Deal with it $10

Sunday, October 30, 2011

McDonald Family Dinner Box

No idea what's for dinner? Want something fast & convenient? Want a budget savvy dinner? Then head to McDonald now! They are having a new menu set - Family Dinner Box! 

Man! It's totally wallet-friendly. At only RM37.90 you will get a complete McD dinner for 4 persons which normally will cost you RM50-RM60. Don't you love that? Plus I find the box is easy to tote around compared to the normal plastic bags. Environment friendly I would say.

Set A or B? Chicken or beef? Your choice.

Let's see what's inside

The whole set.
Fries still in the box. I ate some of the nuggets..can't resist.

Bon appetit!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lovely dresses

Lovely dresses by Russian designer, Ulyana Sergeenko.

Ulyana Sergeenko herself, love her style.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Desserts Madness

For the past few weeks I have been eating lots of sweet stuff especially desserts. Since I hate eating & enjoying good stuff alone, I've spread the desserts madness to my friends too hehehe.. The first madness is Pavlova. Thanks to Google & blog Chooyaya Secret Garden :), found this lovely baker Kak Huda who bake a nice mini pavlova at a reasonable price. She even provides delivery service. 

What is a pavlova? It's a dessert originated from Trans-Tasman countries, well there are arguments where it's originated from either Australia or New Zealand.  One thing for sure it was named after as Russian ballet, Anne Pavlova. Ok we leave that to researcher to solve. I just want to enjoy good food.

Here some pictures for you to enjoy :)

Not only pavlova, now am spreading the red velvet cupcakes madness too haha! taste great too! (Kembang Kak Huda kalo baca ni ;p )  Also seen below the oreo cheese cupcakes. 

For those interested to get a taste of  all above lovely desserts, you can add her facebook page Nurhuda Samsudin  

The sweet madness doesn't stop there, bought these yummy donuts for colleagues to de-stress & bring smiles on their face.

After all the sweetness consumed for the past few weeks, need to balance my body with healthy food. I want a hot bodylicious not hippo bodylicious -___-

That is what was left for me & Sara after we back from Skypark. Oh ya there was short funny moment on that day. I was accompanying Sara to issue flight tickets at Skypark ( Subang Airport). Then Kak Erma called asking me to buy these stuff - Nescafe ( not 3 in 1), Mayonnaise & condensed milk! Told her airport don't sell those stuff, but Kak Erma said " sure ada"..haiya -_-  Not to let her down, I tried looking for those 3 stuff, as expected airport shops don't sell them. At least there were donuts to cheer them up :)

p/s: tonight am not having dinner huhuhu

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm such a mess, I feel invisible

This song describes how I feel recently.

Invisible - Skylar Grey

I take these pills to make me thinI dye my hair, and cut my skinI tried everything, to make them see meBut all they see, is someone that's not me
Even when I'm walking on a wireEven when I set myself on fireWhy do I always feel invisible, invisibleEveryday I try to look my bestEven though inside I'm such a messWhy do I always feel invisible, invisible
Here inside, my quiet heartYou cannot hear, my cries for helpI tried everything, to make them see meBut every one, see's what I can't be
Even when I'm walking on a wireEven when I set myself on fireWhy do I always feel invisible, invisibleEveryday I try to look my bestEven though inside I'm such a messWhy do I always feel invisible, invisible
Sometimes when I'm aloneI pretend that I'm a queenIt's almost believable
Even when I'm walking on a wireEven when I set myself on fireWhy do I always feel invisible, invisibleEveryday I try to look my bestEven though inside I'm such a messWhy do I always feel invisible, invisible

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's go to paddy field! in Subang??

Hello there! sneak peek of what I wore to department's Raya gathering. The theme was Batik.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Yesterday 16 Sep was Malaysia Day. Second year we're celebrating this Malaysia Day though it has been 48 years since Malaysia was formed in 1963. Without Sabah & Sarawak, there is no Malaysia.

I pretty much like listening this song Malaysian Boy sang by local artists - Altimet, Point Blanc, Ila Damiaa, Rabbit Mac and DJ Fuzz. A cover version of Estelle's popular song American Boy. Heard that the song was recorded was done in a week, definitely Malaysia Boleh boys!

Happy Malaysia Day, happy holiday, happy beraya & enjoy the mv!

Love Ila Damiaa voice so much!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Lately I find emerald green is soo yummy that I end up bought 2 items in the same colour. A maxi dress & a tunic bought from local online store and they are super comfy!

cute & simple label

the Ophelia maxi dress

the sash is a detachable, can double up as headband :)

Haven't snap picture of the blouse yet. Here is snapshot from the online shop

Henley Tunic in deep green

These celebs made the green even more greenlicious.

You know what else so greenlicious?
Coach Kristin leather wrislet :)

Pssst..lotsa yummy colour clothes selling on Go grab now before your fav item sold out. 

Complete the whole look with smooth & porcelain skin. Trust no other than Olay skincare. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Salam Lebaran 2011

Salam Lebaran to all my readers ( ada ke? adalah kot cuz views dah 12k)

A bit late to wish but better than never, aite? Seronok beraya? How's my raya celebration? So-so je, belum sampai kemuncak lagi hehehe. Dari 1st day raya till today (raya ke 7) just menyambut tetamu je. Tadi last check in kul 10 malam  & check out dalam kul 11.30 malam. Open house? Nope kitorang jarang buat ( tak pernah pun), sebab biasanya almost everyday ada je tetamu datang sampai ke last day Syawal. Maybe cuz layanan tip-top kot hahaha ingat restoran ke?? No matter how tired I was, I keep in mind pesan mak, tetamu tu rezeki. Tak baik masam muka, sambut & layan dengan ikhlas. Time bagi duit raya doalah Ya Allah moga rezeki ku berlipat2 ganda dari yg ku pemberianku ini. Amin. Ada unsur2 materialistic ke? hahaha tak kot.

Hmm gambar raya sefamily tak sempat snap lagi. Why? 1st day raya ayah, abang & adik still hensem lagi dgn baju melayu lengkap bersampin, gadgets semua dah set up, baru test snap a few pics dah ada orang bagi salam nak beraya. So rasa2nya raya kali ni takde family picture sebab itu mood bergambar sudah hilang. I don't think abang saya balik rumah next weekend cuz dia pun sure berjalan gi open houses. Tak kan nak snap 4 orang je, tu bukan sefamily namanya.

Oh ya just to tell you my kurung raya is in yellow colour. Penting ke informasi ni? hahaha! Sempat siap 1 je, the rest probably lepas2 raya buat baju kerja terus. Again does this info important to you? Ok better stop now before saya melalut tak tentu hala. Ampun maaf dipinta jika ada terkasar kata & kelakuan. 

Silakan menjamu selera! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hello all beautiful people!

This blog has been abundant for awhile due to my ever busy workload (*alasan semata-mata).

Sorry my dear Bloggie, it was not my intention to keep you dusty. It's just that am now so into my new gadget.

Yup I just got myself an Iphone 4, white colour bebeh! Anything in white is so cool ;p

Plus it has Instagram apps which I love every outcome from each photo filter.

So if you found this blog not updated after this, you may get a glimpse of what am I up to from my tumblr page

Oh ya how is your Sunday? I'm having my lazy Sunday to the max! 

This morning I found a small critter look coconut. Isn't it cute? :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pesan Mak

Mak saya memang banyak berpesan. Dari saya kecil sampai dah besar ni, tak berhenti-henti dia berpesan. Kalau saya boleh publish, boleh jadi setebal encyclopedia. Memang lumrah seorang emak will always guides her daughter to be a real woman & how to go through this harsh life. Tapi antara banyak2 pesanan mak, ada few memang exclusive dari arwah opah. The most I can remember 

  • Duit dalam tangan jangan putus.
    • Maksudnya jangan habiskan duit dalam purse or akaun walaupun kita tau kejap lagi nak dapat duit berguni2.  Manalah tau kot2 duit tu tak dapat bank in ke. Atau tetibe something big happen. We wouldn't know what will happen in few days not even for the next hour. So make sure payung sentiasa ada sebelum tetibe hujan. Got it?

  • Percaya lelaki 30sen aje.
    • Kenapa 30sen? what's that got to do with men? Maksud arwah opah, jangan percaya lelaki sepenuhnya no matter how comfortable you are with him. Yes 30cents is a small value but it doesn't mean you can't trust men at all. Just be cautious. Somehow I do think my late opah mispronounced 30percent as 30cents..hehe

So far itu je lah pesanan yang boleh di-expose over here hehe.. Yang lain2 tu mostly related to cooking, sewing, proper manners etc etc.

Akhir kata, saya sayang mak saya & I won't stop loving you <3


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you Gadis Semasa (trendy girl)??

I just watched Yuna's latest video her famous Gadis Semasa song. I love every bit of it. Eventhough everyone in the video act pretty awkward, I still find it cute. Why? 

  • because it is my favourite song
  • secret agent  + vintage concept
  • Yuna kept changing clothes while running from those 2 stupid agents. Oh la la I love every single clothes she wore!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The scariest moment

Yesterday I had the scariest moment in my life. Well I just exaggerate that, not the most scariest. Definitely one of my scary moments. I attended an interview. It has been more than 4 years from the last interview. 4 feels like it just happened yesterday. I don't want to be too comfortable to my current position, hence I'm looking for career development. 

So how was it? I stuttered all over the place haha..Seriously I had panic attack from the day before the scary day. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't focus & kept waking up from sleep. Sound bad huh?? I keep praying to God to calm down my self. Anyway I'm glad it's over. Hopefully I nailed the post.

Talk about scary moments..couple of weeks ago I had to walk over a old small bridge or we call it titi in Malay. After attended a wedding in Teluk Intan, my parents decided to visit my dad's hometown Bagan Datoh. Along the way we visited couple houses of our relatives. I never been to both of the houses. One of the house has this old bridge. It scares me to cross a bridge with gaps & it looks like it going to fall anytime soon.

My legs shivered while crossing this bridge.

Enough about scary stuff. What can make you forget scary feeling?? Good foods!! :) Had this nice chicken lasagne for lunch, after the interview. It was served with thick creamy gravy & fresh veggies that really make me full till evening. If  you wanna have a bite, go get it at Vanilla's Place, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya. And its Oreo Mint milkshake was awesome!

lazatnya lasagne!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good vs Bad

Nothing extraordinary happened in this week (expect me rambling in the next sentences). However I did noticed something. Whenever there are bad things happened to me, there always good things to balance it. The bad things are not really huge BAD problems, they are just some unfortunate events.

 Situation 1
My heels sole ripped off. I only got to wear it for 2 months :(

Later that evening I only have to pay RM10 for taxi trip from Subang to Klang

Situation 2
My important file can't be opened & I need to present it to Boss!! Panic! 

Boss was busy with other urgent meeting & went for half day leave later in the afternoon. What a relief!

I'm sure there are more of these situations but being a human, we somehow tend to be ignorant. We often heard that things happened for a reason. But how many of us actually being grateful when the good thing happens later? to even small good things that  to some people it means nothing?? In the end it's all up to us to see it as a bad or good. I'm grateful that God has not forgotten me. Wallahua'alam. Allah Almighty.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolatey Day

Early this week I received some goodies from Frankfurt when one of the staff came down to Subang. Unfortunately I was not around to meet her. What are the goodies? A lot of chocolates!!

2 boxes for the team & small package specially for me.

tempting huh?

A package of chocolate candy bar card & a postcard for me. The cute white ceramic cup is from my colleague who just came back from Korea trip.

This is how chocolate card looks like.

Unfortunately all the chocolates have alcohol. One of the box doesn't have liquor listed but it does smells like one. So to be cautious, those chocolates were handed over to non-Muslim colleagues.

what a short happiness.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's In Your Bag ?

This post inspired by Ami Schaheera's blogpost { sputnik sweetheart }  . I'm always eyeing on others' fashion sense. Not to forget Ami Schaheera & her fellow girlfriends The Scarflets (cute name). It's always fun to watch what top, dress, shoes & bag they are wearing. What a colourful bunch! Sounds like a stalker but gal don't get me wrong, I'm just admiring your creativity. 

So what's in my bag???

Esprit handbag | makeup bag - it's already worn out | lemongrass balm | Dettol wet tissue | Panadol | Kingston thumbdrives | Benefit perfume | Coach wallet | work ID | Sony mp4

Loreal Telescopic mascara | Loreal Double Extension mascara | lens cloth wipe | Burberry miniature perfume | Rimmel blusher | Revlon lipstick | Revlon lipgloss | theBalm lipstick | Skin Food BB cream | Benefit perfume | Sasa Cyber Colors pencil eyeliner | nail clipper | small brooches | Za face powder

~more snapshots~

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Fifi Lapin at APM, Hong Kong

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends
May this year bring us happiness & prosperity as we wish!

a day before CNY, 
after office hour, 
traffic at Subang Jaya road was smooth than the usual.