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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seoul 2nd day. Deoksugung Palace & Dongdaemun Market

Yay it's 2nd day in Seoul! Thank God I survived the 1st day phewww~ Okay let's see where was I on the 2nd day, this is what happened when you put blogging on hold way too long :)

We went to one of many palaces in Seoul. It's a Deoksugung Palace. Well it's the closest within walking distance from our apartment Vabien II. I believe it's the smallest palace among the five palaces. It's still enough to fulfil you curiosity over their history & architecture. There was also a colourful guard changing ceremony at the entrance gate. 

Enjoy the pictures!

The main hall.

Old treasures : wheeled cannon, temple bell & water clock.

This is Wisteria tree, age 220!

Additional Western buildings completed in 1910. Now served as National Museum of Art.

The west wing under construction. I bet this place will be more beautiful in Spring.

The throne. Golden dragon on the beautiful crafted ceiling.

Mix of old & new.

We took a coffee break at Dunkin' Donuts while waiting for the guard changing ceremony that will start at 11am.

Was given a buzzer with korean music video clip while waiting for my hot chocolate. Once mine ready, it vibrated. One hot chocolate cost me KRW 3000( RM9)

The barista

Studying the subway map. See they were preparing the ceremony space.


City Hall subway station. The closest station to Deoksugung Palace. To go to Dongdaemun Market,  the right final station is Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station. Not the Dongdaemun station. 

Oh ya we also went to Dongdaemun Market for fabric hunting. Unfortunately it was a wrong day, fabric shops closed on Saturday. The sisters were so devastated, they were so excited to hunt for korean silk. Well the plan didn't go to the drain as other shops like clothing, lovely hats, bedsheets & cookwares were open. There were lots of winter jackets on sale but why it didn't intrigue me get one as I heard their price is cheaper & in good quality. I guess now I have another reason for 2nd visit to Seoul hehehe..

Unfortunately I didn't snap many pics at Dongdaemun Market. These scarfs are not selling in individual piece. You have to buy in bulk.

On the 3rd day, we went to even more colourful place. Myeongdong the hip area. Please be patience for the next entry will ya? :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

F1 Twin Towers KLCC Live Concert 2012

My Korea trip entry is taking forever to finish. I've been really busy lately,  swarmed with workload. But I wouldn't say no to some good times. Recently I won a lucky draw. What did I won? A pair of tickets to F1 Twin Towers KLCC Live Concert 2012 on Friday night. Main acts for that night was SNSD (Girl's Generation) & Nicole Scherzinger (ex Pussycat Dolls). As for local there were James Baum, Reshmonu & Elecoldxhot (winner of Showdown 2011).

The best part is it's Golden Fan Zone ticket, the closest area to the stage. Those without ticket still can watch the concert for free but a bit far from the stage. The truth is I'm not a fan of kpop but I'm super fan for Korean drama. Went there with my colleagues KB & Faizah straight from office after work.

KB's sister already waiting for us at KLCC. Oh she's really a super fan of kpop especially SNSD. She was anxiously to get on hold of the tickets & worried of the increasing crowd. Don't worry lil sis, we got tickets.

Crowd waiting to get close to the stage, poor kids. We went in first.

Golden Fan zone is still empty.

Official airline Malaysia Airlines & radio partner Fly Fm.

Jojo Struys, mc of the night with DJ Prem.

These boys with pink t-shirts are hardcore fan of SNSD.

Elecoldxhot was cool

The closest snap I can get of Jojo Struys.

It's SNSD showtime!

Too many boys -_-"

Just after SNSD left the stage, all the pink fans left too. (Finally enough oxygen for me!)

Hey, it's the handsome James Baum!


Ok let's go home. We didn't wait for Nicole, was so tired.

Good night KLCC