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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank you Iceland

Kepala masih berat even after long deep sleep. Malam tadi sejarah dalam working life aku tak pernah aku balik selewat malam tadi. Keluar ofis at 2400hour, yeap at 12 midnight. So yesterday I've been working for 15hours & 30mins. Staff call centre pon tak selama ni. Kalau aku ni kerani cabuk dapat gak claim overtime, ni habuk pon tarak. Esok ahad kena standby kat ofis pulak. Grrrrrr..thank you so much Iceland!!! Thank you Eyjafjallajökull. Once in a lifetime crisis. Jangan kau meletup lagi lepas ni.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I found my love

Yeah finally I have my found my soulmate...ok stop me. Actually I'm referring to the best foundation ever that being tough on oily greasy skin like mine. Presenting you..*drum roll*...


It's Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softlex for combination/oily skin. It's lightweight & stays up to 16hours!! Yup it makes me happy up to 16hours :) I don't have to worry much on greasy skin. Well I still need to puff some powder in the evening but hey at least I don't have to touch up at 10am ( that the earliest time Mr. Greasy visiting Ms. Skin). Mine is in warm golden tone ( yup saya gelap).

One bad thing of this miracle bottle is it wide open once you unscrewed the cap that can lead to spillage. Would be good if it comes with pump. My skin has found her soul-mate, when is it going to be my turn? haihhhhh *mode berangan.