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Monday, January 4, 2010

2nd entry after a year..damn

New Year Resolution. I never make a list of it. Well the thought did across in my mind but slipped off in seconds. Even worst never been achieved(read the previous entry hehe..). Unlike this year, I determine to make a list. A short one which I can focus & achieve. A good thing of having a resolution is that you will know what you really want, where you want to be & whom you will become. These are guidelines for you to go through the year. So that at the end of the year, 2010 would not be a meaningless year. Mine is short & simple. Here goes,

1)to spend less

2)to save up money as much as I can

3)travel more (yup seems contradict with the above =p )

4)create/craft something & make money out of it.

5)last but not least...jeng jeng... learn to cook haha...(don't laugh at me ok)

that's all. Happy New Year peeps !