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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Up, up and away!

It's been a while I did not browse on Hot Chocolate & Mint. A blog own by a cute cheery Indonesia fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari. The last time I drop by ( or browse by ?? ) she was planning on online shop. And today  I saw an icon on her blog, her shoe shop iwearUP. Yay the shop has opened! ^.^

Oemgeee! her shoes collections are so adorable. I love it when she focusing on wedges. All girls can wear wedges, bet the short or tall girls, the one who scares to wear high heels or one who just want comfy & height. 

You can't find any plain shoes selling in the shop. Every single of it has its own charm & uniqueness. I love all the design but I've to make it short. These are top 5 that catch my eyes =) 

The price is very reasonable IDR 245000 (approximately RM82). They do ship international & payment can be made via Pay-Pal or Western Union. Great news to those who have Cimb Clicks or PBebank, Western Union is just a click away :)

p/s: new blog header still not done yet :(