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Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's In Your Bag ?

This post inspired by Ami Schaheera's blogpost { sputnik sweetheart }  . I'm always eyeing on others' fashion sense. Not to forget Ami Schaheera & her fellow girlfriends The Scarflets (cute name). It's always fun to watch what top, dress, shoes & bag they are wearing. What a colourful bunch! Sounds like a stalker but gal don't get me wrong, I'm just admiring your creativity. 

So what's in my bag???

Esprit handbag | makeup bag - it's already worn out | lemongrass balm | Dettol wet tissue | Panadol | Kingston thumbdrives | Benefit perfume | Coach wallet | work ID | Sony mp4

Loreal Telescopic mascara | Loreal Double Extension mascara | lens cloth wipe | Burberry miniature perfume | Rimmel blusher | Revlon lipstick | Revlon lipgloss | theBalm lipstick | Skin Food BB cream | Benefit perfume | Sasa Cyber Colors pencil eyeliner | nail clipper | small brooches | Za face powder

~more snapshots~