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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The scariest moment

Yesterday I had the scariest moment in my life. Well I just exaggerate that, not the most scariest. Definitely one of my scary moments. I attended an interview. It has been more than 4 years from the last interview. 4 feels like it just happened yesterday. I don't want to be too comfortable to my current position, hence I'm looking for career development. 

So how was it? I stuttered all over the place haha..Seriously I had panic attack from the day before the scary day. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't focus & kept waking up from sleep. Sound bad huh?? I keep praying to God to calm down my self. Anyway I'm glad it's over. Hopefully I nailed the post.

Talk about scary moments..couple of weeks ago I had to walk over a old small bridge or we call it titi in Malay. After attended a wedding in Teluk Intan, my parents decided to visit my dad's hometown Bagan Datoh. Along the way we visited couple houses of our relatives. I never been to both of the houses. One of the house has this old bridge. It scares me to cross a bridge with gaps & it looks like it going to fall anytime soon.

My legs shivered while crossing this bridge.

Enough about scary stuff. What can make you forget scary feeling?? Good foods!! :) Had this nice chicken lasagne for lunch, after the interview. It was served with thick creamy gravy & fresh veggies that really make me full till evening. If  you wanna have a bite, go get it at Vanilla's Place, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya. And its Oreo Mint milkshake was awesome!

lazatnya lasagne!