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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Departing Day - Off to Seoul

My flight was scheduled on 11.30pm,Friday. Due to workloads, I decided not to take leave on that day. 90% of packing was done on Thursday's night. Arrived home at 7pm, I only had couple hours to get ready & final packing. Chaos!

Arrived KLIA at 10pm, I saw the check in queue was super long. Lucky my friends already in queue & I just simply cut in the middle ( sorry ). After all the check in process done, I only had a small chat with mom. I don't know why I felt a bit sad. Maybe it has been awhile since the last time I'm away from my parents & family. My friends convinced my mom that they will take a good care of me ( which they did). Ah not to forget they thought my mom looks younger than her age. Many did. I wish will old gracefully like her too (but now just enjoy being young!)

Thank God the gate was not that far. While waiting to board in, saw quite a number of Koreans. I guess they just had their warm getaway away from winter. On board, glad my seat was not in the middle row. Sat next to me was a mat salleh. Tried to get him to swap seat with my friend but unable to convince him. Squeeze in the middle the last thing on his mind (everyone does). 

My oh my the aircraft was not equipped with individual screen. What a bummer. To make it worst I forgot to bring my Sony mp4 & my Iphone doesn't have a playlist. Good thing is I need a rest from the day hustles, at least I didn't get distracted by any electronic stuff. I only started to talk with the person next to me after we had breakfast. That was like 1 hour to arrival. He turned out to be a chatty person. Delon was his name. A white South African, teaching English in Korea. Later I found out he was a model too, no wonder I found his eyes are beautiful. He was nice enough to share some insight of Korea from language, culture to transportations. Thanks Delon.

We arrived at Incheon International Airport in about 6.30am. That was like 5.30am in Malaysia. Korea is ahead by 1 hour. We need to take train to the terminal. From there we head to immigration before proceed to pick up luggage. While queuing there we met someone who work in the same company with us, Kak Ani. She was there with her family & plan for a week stays. She was like planning to travel with us, but that was not easy cuz she's staying in different area. 

Okay, this one is way too long & boring. I'll make sure the next entry is much better & colourful :)


Nath said...

picture in your next entry please :D