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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Singapore : Day 1 Part 2

Okay now for part 2 of day 1. After we got on bus, off we go to our neighbour country, Singapore. Immigration process again before entering Singapore. Staff of the lane I chose was not fussy even though I did not complete the form. She's friendly & even waited for me to fill in few columns. I would say she very much looks like Angelica Lee Sinje, Malaysian actress in Hong Kong. Unlike my other friends who chose old lady lane, they were asked for their IC. Tips: always choose young immigration staff lane to avoid fussiness lol!!!

After all the processes, the bus fetch us on the other exit. We arrived at the Queen Street bus terminal in about 20minutes later. Arab street is just walking distance from the bus terminal. Once at the Arab Street we were amazed by rows of fabric shops. Each shop displayed beautiful laces in many designs & colours. The price is a bit cheaper than in KL where you can get nice lace design at SGD50 per meter. If you are good at haggling you might get it for lesser price. We didn't  buy any fabrics, we were just browsing & feasting our eyes with all the luscious laces :)

After our eyes have been feasted, it's now for tummy to get a nice feast. We found Zam Zam Restaurant that is famous with its murtabak. The small size ( which is not small !) priced at SGD6.  I don't know if it's the restaurant rules or it's just the culture in Singapore that for any add on orders, you have to order with the same waiter. Nevermind coz the murtabak tasted good & full of chunky chicken. I guess the good foods that made the shop last for more than 100 years.

Then we planned to see the Merlion statue. It is a must DO thing for every tourist. We walked about 200m to the nearest MRT at Bugis Village. We bought tickets to Raffles Place which cost us SGD2. However SGD1 can be redeemed when you return the ticket at ticket machine. From there we walked by all the skyline buildings. after some camwhoring here & there, finally we arrived at Merlion area. Not that far from the huge colonial Fullerton hotel. there is actually under bridge lane at one of the junction that leads to the Merlion. Nice wood patch floor with some greens & couple of cafes played some jazz song facing the lake. the ambiance was relaxing.

Raffles Place

Fullerton Hotel

Under-bridge lane that leads to Merlion {pic from Google map}
You don't have to cross the wide road. 

Lots of people were flocking at the Merlion area. Snapping picture or just simply gazing & enjoying the breezy evening. Merlion was not the only attraction there. opposite the statue there is the new talkabout building. The huge Marina Bay Sands ; a casino, hotel, shopping & dining place. The architecture is hmmm... well I find it weird. It looks like a ship stuck on 3 skyscrapers. Was the architect trying to imitate Noah's Ark??? Still the view is a breath taking ( well any huge buildings will take my breath away ). 

Merlion with skycrapers backdrop
Marina Bay Sands at my back

The day was getting darker and we proceed to stroll down the nearby streets. We passed by a lovely Fullerton waterboat house/restaurant, there was a white themed party on the rooftop. Next to it is a Anderson Bridge decorated with red light underneath it. After we passed some quiet streets, we found a huge grey gloomy & scary colonial building which I'm not mistaken is the City Hall. Why do I say it scary? the building was dark, no lights on not even on the hallway. The kind of building you would see in Gotham City.

the Anderson Bridge

Fullerton waterboat house

Nice view of Esplanade from Anderson Bridge

The City Hall

Tired of walking we decided to go to Mustafa, a 24hours shopping center located at Little India if I'm not mistaken. Boy there were so many kind of things & so many people. It was hard to walk without bumping on other's shoulder. You can find all kind of chocolates, cosmetics, jewellery, pharmacy, electronics/digital items, watches & many more. The jam packed place gave me a headache that I didn't enjoy much shopping there. Too bad as I was interested to browse the variety of cosmetic on shelves. Before we walked out of the store I managed to bought 3 packs of mini Tolberone chocolates. 

Off we went back to Resort World Sentosa to catch our bus back to JB. We didn't want the same afternoon incident happen to us and so we arrived at RWS 30minutes before the bus is scheduled. Back in JB, we realized that we haven't had dinner yet. With starving tummy & tired feet, we droved to the nearest restaurant to the hotel, Singgah Selalu. Well it's more like a food court with lot of stalls around it. The food was so-so but the environment was great. Lights, loud music &  huge crowd. Hmm why do I described it like a club haha.... Tummy has been filled, body was tired we went back to hotel to have a good nite sleep to recharge ourself for more exciting experience on the next day.