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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Desserts Madness

For the past few weeks I have been eating lots of sweet stuff especially desserts. Since I hate eating & enjoying good stuff alone, I've spread the desserts madness to my friends too hehehe.. The first madness is Pavlova. Thanks to Google & blog Chooyaya Secret Garden :), found this lovely baker Kak Huda who bake a nice mini pavlova at a reasonable price. She even provides delivery service. 

What is a pavlova? It's a dessert originated from Trans-Tasman countries, well there are arguments where it's originated from either Australia or New Zealand.  One thing for sure it was named after as Russian ballet, Anne Pavlova. Ok we leave that to researcher to solve. I just want to enjoy good food.

Here some pictures for you to enjoy :)

Not only pavlova, now am spreading the red velvet cupcakes madness too haha! taste great too! (Kembang Kak Huda kalo baca ni ;p )  Also seen below the oreo cheese cupcakes. 

For those interested to get a taste of  all above lovely desserts, you can add her facebook page Nurhuda Samsudin  

The sweet madness doesn't stop there, bought these yummy donuts for colleagues to de-stress & bring smiles on their face.

After all the sweetness consumed for the past few weeks, need to balance my body with healthy food. I want a hot bodylicious not hippo bodylicious -___-

That is what was left for me & Sara after we back from Skypark. Oh ya there was short funny moment on that day. I was accompanying Sara to issue flight tickets at Skypark ( Subang Airport). Then Kak Erma called asking me to buy these stuff - Nescafe ( not 3 in 1), Mayonnaise & condensed milk! Told her airport don't sell those stuff, but Kak Erma said " sure ada"..haiya -_-  Not to let her down, I tried looking for those 3 stuff, as expected airport shops don't sell them. At least there were donuts to cheer them up :)

p/s: tonight am not having dinner huhuhu