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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lady Gaga the teacher?

After she created a big wave in music industry ( and fashion ), she is looking for a more stable job...she wants to teach fashion. Why Gaga? are you tired with all the fame?

According to US Magazine,  "She is planning a radical career shift after she wraps up her 'Monster Ball' tour next spring. She wants to use her famous fashion sense and avant-garde art obsession to launch an academic career. 

"Nothing has been finalised yet, but she has pitched herself for an artist-in-residence position. 

"She would like to teach in the fashion-design programme and wants to incorporate elements of music study, popular culture and media studies."

Do you know which college Gaga planning to teach to? it's Parson! yeah that prestige New York’s Parsons School for Design ( the school in Project Runway show). Couple of thoughts just cross my mind when I read the news,

1. How would she wear to lecture hall?
2. Would Parson accept her fashion sense?

Lady Gaga already went Gaga over herself.

student, today we will learn how to make a stand out hairdo
(picture from google)