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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's December (again) !

Well here come December. 11 months were left behind in a flash. This is the month where people look into their life reminiscing what went good, bad and achievements. It's also the month where we catching up what has not been done yet before new year. Some would go on travel, partying, spend time with family or spend your hard earn cash! As for me I chose the later : ) More like rewarding myself after been working hard for the past 11 months. 

What did I get for myself? A new Coach handbag & wallet *big smile*  I bought it from some online blogshops coz cheaper than buying from boutique. You know with all the taxes, the item here can be priced double than from in US. If you have friends in US or visiting US, don't be segan silu to order Coach bag from her hehe.. especially from factory outlet. You will be more lucky if there's sales going on at the factory outlet. Enuff rambling, here's couple pics of them.

The bag : Coach Kristin Hobo 
The wallet : Coach Poppy Demi Clutch