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Monday, December 27, 2010

Small Reunion

One of good things about wedding is that it always reunite people. Family, relatives, friends, colleagues & neighbours. That's what I had on last week, a small reunion with my uni friends. Met Mariam (Mary), Marina, Zarazila (Ila) & the bride Nurul.

I haven't met them for years, well months for Mary. Thanks to Mary coz she was willing to drive to Ipoh & also Marina sanggup datang ke KL dari Sg.Petani semata-mata nak konvoi dengan Mary. It was a fun ride, we can't stop laughing & gossiping. Luckily Ila read my fb status, thus she waited for us to arrive. To my surprise Ila already has 2 kids, yang sulung dah besar boleh lari-lari lagi. Hmm time pass by so fast..[damn I'm still solo :( ]. We couldn't gossip much with Nurul, the groom kept following her. Ops I forgot it was their wedding of course they had to be together ;p

 { sepantas kilat pengantin datang dekat kitorang =P }

{ bukti kehadiran }
On the way back home we decided to have seafood dinner and so we chose Muara Tg Harapan in Port Klang. Luckily we get there before dark. The parking was endless, people keep coming in & the queue was getting longer. Total burn was rm88.50 only for great foods.

{ the view }
{ breezy - senyaman apple juice }

{ camwhoring while waiting for the foods }